Straight My Teeth Aligner System: An Honest Review

straight my teeth clear aligner review

The United Kingdom has their very own aligner system company, and they ship worldwide. If you do not mind dealing with exchange rates and extended shipping times, you can enjoy a perfect smile from a company ready to deliver straighter teeth for a fraction of the price of traditional braces.

Like other online dental companies, Straight My Teeth will ship out aligners to your home. No more trips to the dentist or orthodontist; you can straighten your teeth from the comfort of your home either during the day or at night. Be in charge of your own smile and find out all of the details right here. Get answers to your questions too.

How It Works

Start your journey with a free 30-second assessment. The best part is all the questions are on a single page instead of spread across several screens. These basic questions let you know Straight My Teeth system is right for you.

The questions ask if you have had braces or aligners before, are you over the age of 14, what is your biggest tooth concern, description of severity, have dental implants, or other issues. Add in your name, email, phone number, zip code, and best time to call to start filling up your inbox with their advertisements.

From there, the company states you are a good match and provide a link to order their product. Straight My Teeth uses a team of experts, including dentists and orthodontists, to help set up your aligners. Choose from two different options, including daytime or nighttime aligners, and then it’s time to choose your impression kit. From take impression, use the aligners and improve your smile.

Of course, it takes some time in between steps which we will go over in detail. Let’s start with step number one – the impressions. If you have severe issues with your teeth, then you may want to consider braces.

Invisible braces can correct overbite, cross-bite, and gaps in your teeth. If your teeth overlap or are miss-aligned, then you can use the treatment system to correct your teeth. However, for more severe issues, you may need to see a local orthodontist for traditional treatment.

Getting Impressions

The impression kit costs more than other companies (we will go over prices below) but includes a risk-free guarantee. It only takes about five minutes to take the impression, and you get a spare set for practice. You can even call them to get a little help getting the impressions. Inside the box, you will also get disposable gloves, putty, impression trays, a cheek retractor, and a pre-paid return label. Instructions come with the set, too, with full-color pictures to walk you through the process.

Now mail the impressions back and wait for the company to create your aligners and make a treatment plan. If you want to go into the office (they call it the Smile Studio), you will need to head to England to go to Straight Your Teeth’s only studio. It’s not convenient for Americans or anyone outside of the London Metroplex.

Going in does afford you the opportunity to get your teeth checked by a dentist and ensure your aligners are effective. Moreover, you get a 3D scan so you can see what your smile will look like after treatment. If you plan on going to London for a visit, make a trip to Ashford Southwest of London. Otherwise, you will need to do the process online and through the mail.


straight my teeth aligner

The next step is the aligners. Choose from daytime aligners or nighttime aligners. Both options are clear and cut to fit perfectly. Most people love that these aligners are invisible and completely crystal clear. No need to worry about brackets or wires that can stain and hurt. While the aligners will be uncomfortable at first, you will find them to be far more comfortable than braces.

Furthermore, you can remove the invisible braces so you can wash the aligner, brush your teeth, or eat without any of the hassles of traditional braces. All this without visits to a dentist or orthodontist, just a new set of aligners every week that will target trouble areas and straighten your teeth out.


The aligners need to be worn for several months, with about six to seven months the average. Wear the daytime aligners for 20 to 22 hours each day or when you are not eating. With the nighttime aligners, you need to wear them for about 8 to 10 hours a day, but they will take you closer to fix your teeth. Either way you choose is faster than with traditional braces and less noticeable too!


After you straighten your teeth with the Straight My Teeth system, you will need to wear a retainer for the rest of your life. You need to continue with the retainers, or your teeth can shift back to their original position. A set of retainers is included with your purchase. However, the retainers will not last for your entire life, and about every six months, you will need a new set, and they cost about £99 or about $140, which is considerably more expensive than other brands.

You can purchase an extra set for about £49.99 with the original kit to save a little money. They also have a WorryFree Protection plan for £359, which gives you 12 retainers, one every six months. However, the shipping states specifically for the UK, so you can expect higher fees for shipping outside of England.


If you are not happy, you can get refinements but note that refinements will cost you an additional £150 ($206). This is not the same as additional aligners if you are unhappy with your results, as those are included in the price.

What’s Included

With the set, you pay separately for the impression and then for the aligners. The aligners include one set of retainers and as many aligners as needed to get the results you need. You will probably receive some gum type.


You have four options for prices. You can pay upfront for SmileAdvantage (daytime aligners) for £749 (about $1029) or SmileFlex (again for daytime aligners). With the Flex program, you pay £67 ($92) a month for twelve months plus a down payment of £295 ($406). As you can see, this is a dramatic price increase costing around $1500!

Alternately, you can choose the NightOnly Clear Aligners with NightAdvantage for £799 ($1098) all in one payment. Also, choose the payment plan of £75 ($103) with a down payment of £295 ($406). Again, you end up paying more money with the payment option.

Retainers will cost you more money as well (see above for prices), and you will need to continue using the retainers for the rest of your life. The same is true for traditional braces, and these retainers are far more affordable. Military members can get a discount on top of already discounted prices with a £50 ($68) discount for both active and retired military. Email the company first, as this discount may only apply to the British military.

(Please note – all prices above are current discounts, and prices are subject to change at any time. Also, the exchange rate can change daily and dramatically impact the price.)

Unfortunately, Straight My Teeth does not work with insurance to reduce the cost on your end. You will need to pay the entire bill as the company is located in the UK and does not work with HSA/FSA debit cards.

Other Products

Straight My Teeth does not currently offer any other products but the impressions, aligners, and retainers.

Customer Service

The company offers several ways to contact them and offers 24/7 contact. Use chat, call their phone number or email the company for assistance. They do suggest the best times to call are between 9 am to 7 pm on weekdays and 10 am to 5 pm on weekends. Mind you, these times are for the UK and not for America. Also, their phone number is British as well.

Americans will want to stick to email and online chat. Using online chat is very easy and allows you to chat and ask questions right from your computer. The representatives are helpful and answer all of your questions or direct you to the right page on their website.

As for their website, it seems to be lacking a little bit of information. It would be nice if they would share what exactly is in the box with a picture. Otherwise, the website is beautiful and easy to navigate.


With Straight My Teeth, you get a 100 percent guarantee. If the company determines you are not a match for their treatment, they will refund the full cost of your impression kit. You cannot return any of the products for safety reasons. However, you can get a new set of aligners if yours are not right.

After treatment, if you are not happy with your results, contact the company so they can re-evaluate to get more aligners. If you need any help or have an issue, contact for additional support.

Positive Results

Check out the website to see some dramatic improvements with this simple alignment system. Many customers have seen dramatic improvements and gotten their money’s worth. A search online also shows a progression of dental improvement too, showing you the company is not all talk. If you are a candidate, then you will see an improvement in the straightness and alignment of your pearly whites.

How Straight My Teeth Compares to Traditional Braces

The main difference between metal braces and clear aligners is the appliances themselves. No metal and wire glued to your teeth, leaving stain marks for months or years afterward. Also, they are less noticeable when out all day at work or school.

Furthermore, you can eat anything you like with the aligners as you remove them to eat. The price is about a fourth of the cost too over traditional braces and does not require multiple visits to the orthodontist for years. Clear aligners save you time, money, looks, and confidence.

Finally, the clear braces are more comfortable to wear and to wash. Flossing in traditional braces does not work very well. Overall, they are a much better system than traditional braces unless you prefer a personal experience in person.


The website proudly displays all of their positive reviews from However, a trip to Trustpilot shows a small amount of negative reviews. Keep in mind that 86 percent of customers absolutely love the company and the process. Only 7 percent were unhappy, but their stories can definitely scare anyone as you see quite a view reviews showing words like ‘scam,’ ‘fake,’ and long wait times.

The company did take the time to get a response to each complaint and offer assistance, but the responses were not personalized and felt a little like a bandaid. With far more positive reviews than negative reviews, you can expect great things from this company. All businesses end up failing a small percentage of customers.

Problems with Straight My Teeth

For Americans, the main problem with Straight My Teeth is they are in the UK. This means dealing with exchange rates and longer shipping costs. Also, you do not have the opportunity to go into the Smile Shop for a consult if you prefer.

Also, the company does not track your progress with pictures. They also do not use 3D scans to plan your aligners but only to project your potential progress. The no-frills company only focuses on the basics, but this is how they keep the price low.

Fixing the Root Cause of Crooked Teeth

As with all aligners meant to straighten teeth, this company straightens teeth without addressing the root cause of crooked teeth. For this reason, you will need to buy costly retainers for the rest of your life to maintain your straight teeth. The same can be said for traditional braces as well, of course.

Not all dentists or orthodontists have branched out to therapies designed to improve the cause of alignment issues. However, many are starting to use speech therapists and Myobraces to address tongue and space issues where they start. If you only want to straighten your teeth without additional therapies to address the problem, then this company is a viable option. Additional therapies will require more costs and time to meet with a specialist, along with extra work on your part.

FAQs About Straight My Teeth

Get answers to all of your questions right here to help you make an informed decision.

Will I need to visit a dentist or orthodontist for the treatment?

No, the treatment does not require a doctor’s visit. However, it’s smart to get a cleaning and check with the dentist before starting aligners. It’s always best to start with filled-in cavities and clean teeth.

Am I going to have a lisp while wearing the aligners?

Yes, you will lisp for the first few days until your mouth gets used to the new appliance in your mouth. With time your mouth will adjust, and the lisp will disappear. It may take longer with nighttime aligners to adjust as you will not be speaking in them often.

Can I wear the aligners while pregnant?

Yes, the aligners are safe for pregnancy as they are made with BPA-free plastic.

Does the kit come with a tooth whitening kit?

Yes, the kit includes a free whitening kit. Consider getting a water flosser and an electric toothbrush to encourage completely clean teeth and keep your smile as white as possible after using the whitening kit.

Is chewing gum an option with the aligners?

No, gum can put additional pressure on your teeth and may crack the aligner. If you need to chew gum, make sure to take the aligner out. Remember, you need it in your mouth for 20 to 22 hours a day to maintain the timeline.

Will I still be able to play a musical instrument with the aligners?

You can still play instruments, but it will take time to get used to the new feeling of playing with the aligners. Also, the aligners may be slippery too, which can complicate the process.

Can teenagers use Straight My Teeth?

Teenagers can start using the clear aligners as young as twelve. However, it’s best to wait until all of their adult teeth are in completely to get the most advantage. New teeth coming in can push the aligners incorrectly.

How do I wash the appliances?

Use mild soap and water to wash the aligners and retainers. You can also use a mixture of vinegar or baking soda with water for extra dirty or filmy aligners.

Final Thoughts About Straight My Teeth

While Straight My Teeth does not address the root cause of crooked teeth, they do straighten teeth effectively and affordably. However, they are located in the UK, making it more troublesome for Americans with longer waiting and shipping times, and you need to deal with exchange rates. Otherwise, they offer competitive prices and a team of experts ready to help you straighten your teeth from the comfort of your own home.

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