The 5 Best At Home Teeth Straightening Kits Ranked and Reviewed

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More and more invisible aligner companies keep cropping up to offer you straighter teeth without all the traditional hassles. We reviewed and compared the top five choices to help you decide which will work best for your needs. Straightening your teeth can be a better and more affordable experience with the right aligner company.

If you are looking to use invisible aligners from the comfort of your own home, see what each of these companies offers and their issues to make an educated decision. Find out how these companies can do for you and save your time researching for something else.

The Companies

We did full reviews on Smile Direct Club, Aligner Co, Straight My Teeth, Candid, and Byte. Now you get the condensed version for condensed comparison. Make your own decision, but at the end find out our recommendation. The main points we focus on are the additional products or services beyond the aligners, cost, and customer service.

As most people live within a budget and the price difference just might astound you. Remember to consider what you are getting for the cost before making your final decision. While all the options work, the question is, which will work the best for you?

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1. Byte

byte clear aligner company logo

Byte brings some unique features to the clear aligner market, making them a top competitor.


Byte is the only company to offer an electric appliance that uses high-frequency vibrations to encourage faster teeth movement. It’s the reason this company stands out from the crowd, and the device is included in the price. Moreover, the device can help to reduce discomfort and even the treatment time!


Thanks to the HyperByte, Byte can offer treatment times in as little as 2 to 5 months. No other company offers such a short amount of time. Of course, you need to qualify as not every mouth can use clear aligners via mail company.

Byte Protection Plan

With most companies, you need to worry about buying a new retainer every six months to a year. Choose the Byte Protection plan to save money and stop worrying about retainers as this program ships out new retainers.

Lifetime Guarantee

Next, Byte offers you adjustments for life to make sure you love your smile. While they do not offer any refunds, they are committed to ensuring you love your smile and your investment is worthwhile.


Save money and use your insurance to help reduce the cost down to a more manageable bill. Byte partners with many insurance companies and pairs nicely with FSA and HSA to get you a reimbursement for your investment.

Customer Service

Contacting Byte’s customer service is a breeze! Call them, text them, catch them on Facebook, or send an email. The company is ready to serve and offer fantastic customer service.


While Byte’s price is higher, you can use insurance, and it comes with the proprietary HyperByte making this a very affordable product. Their team of experts is rather small, though, meaning time frames can take longer to get your aligners in the mail. Also, you cannot get 3D scans instead of impressions; if that’s a priority for you, check out the other companies.

For more information check out our full in-depth Byte review.

2. Smile Direct Club

smile direct clear aligner company logo

Smile Direct Club is a household name as they were the first on the market and have made themselves a household name. Let’s take a look at what makes them special.

Lifetime Guarantee

If you don’t love the product in thirty days, return for a full money-back promise with Smile Direct Club. You can even return unused aligners for a prorated refund for a no-nonsense approach to dentistry. Furthermore, if you don’t love the finished product, while you cannot get your money back, but the company will continue to fix your teeth. Touchups allow you to make adjustments to your teeth after your original treatment plan to get the fit you love.

24/7 Customer Service

Have a problem? Call Smile Direct Club 24 hours a day, seven days awake. If you do not want to call, chat with them live! You even have the option of emailing the company, go to a SmileShop, or even contact them on social media like Facebook.

3D Scan

Impressions for clear aligners are absolutely acceptable, but why not pair them with a 3D and use the newest technology available! If you do not mind a single visit into a SmileShop, they will scan your teeth for you to get the best possible fit for your mouth. It’s pain-free, quick, and worth the effort, too, as the company will show you what your teeth will look like after.

Nighttime Aligners

Smile Direct Club offers you the option of nighttime aligners so you can straighten your teeth without the world knowing. No worrying about a lisp or discomfort while at school or work; just wear them after dinner and until you wake up. The cost goes up a little, as does treatment time, but overall, it’s a great option for those who do not want to wear aligners for 22 hours a day.


With all clear aligner plans, you have to wear retainers for the rest of your life. Smile Direct Club makes it more affordable with the Grin Club, where you can buy two sets of retainers and get a third set free. If you cannot afford two buy two at once, buy one set for $99. Their retainers are thicker to last longer too.


Not all aligner companies accept insurance. However, Smile Direct Club works with your insurance and accepts HSA, FSA, and CareCredit. With insurance and FSA, you can potentially reduce your total cost from down to $475! They work with many insurance companies as an in-network provider.

Other Products

Smile Direct Club is the only aligner company that sells other dental products too. You can purchase an electric toothbrush, electric flosser, whitening toothpaste, sensitivity toothpaste, whitening kit, alignment case, lip balm, and a smile spa to sanitize your products. Moreover, the company throws a few extras in with your aligners, including an emery board, lip balm, whitening pen, smile stretcher, a case, and Movemints to help you increase tooth movement.


We do not have any concerns with Smile Direct Club. They offer a fabulous product that is higher than most of the other companies but not the highest price. However, they do not automatically assign every customer an orthodontist as their specialist and often assign a dentist instead. Orthodontists get the extra training needed for teeth alignment.

For more information check out our full in-depth Smile Direct Club review.

3. Candid

candid clear aligner company logo

Candid’s call to fame is their team of experts. While they cost the most, you are getting a product with a better team and better monitoring.

Orthodontists Not Dentists

Orthodontists get a few more years of training when it comes to dental alignment. With Candid, you only get Orthodontists, which is who you would see for braces. Yes, dentists are awesome, and it’s necessary for dental care, but for straightening teeth, you want the experts – orthodontists.


The company gives you a device to get the best pictures possible to send to their team of experts. These pictures help Candid monitor your teeth better, and they check in on you weekly to ensure you are making great progress. The right tools make the process easier and more beneficial for you.

3D scan

Find one of their Candid Studios near your home and head in for a 3D scan of your teeth. With studios in many major cities, you should have no problems finding a studio, especially if you live in California. With the scan at a studio, you do not need to worry about issues with the impressions if they scare you.

Smart App

You manage everything else is on your phone, so why not your teeth too? Get Candid and monitor your teeth by communicating with the team via an app on your smart device. Make your life easy with access to care at your fingertips.


Candid wants you happy with your treatment, so if between the heavy monitoring and the aligners, you are not happy with your results, they will get you more aligners for free. While this can drag the process out longer, every mouth responds to treatment differently, and variations are normal. Some companies care for extra aligners, too but not Candid.


You do not get the option to use nighttime aligners with this pricy company. Also, customers found their customer service lacking, which is frustrating with so much money invested. Also, insurance is not a certainty with Candid.

For more information check out our full in-depth Candid review.

4. Straight My Teeth

straight my teeth clear aligner company logo

As Straight My Teeth is a UK-based company, shipping takes longer, but it’s still more affordable than many American-based companies.

The Price is Right

We love the price of these clear aligners. As the prices are in pounds, you may have a bit of work to translate the price and deal with the exchange rate. Either way, you are still saving money as these aligners are barely over a thousand dollars.

Payment Plan

Although the price is low, you may still need a payment plan. With Straight My Teeth, you can put a little money down and pay a very reasonable monthly fee for just one year. Many companies have a very similar fee but for two years, making this a really affordable bargain.

No Frills

Want less to worry about? Straight My Teeth’s no-frills method makes straightening your teeth a straightforward process that saves you effort and stress. You even get the stress-free nighttime option if you want to straighten your teeth solely at home.


The first set of retainers are included in the price with Straight My Teeth. After that, you can buy a new set for a high fee or sign up for their WorryFree Protection plan and get 12 retainers for a fraction of the cost making these the most affordable aligners. Order ahead, though, as they ship from the UK.

Customer Service

Even though Straight My Teeth are on a different continent, reach them with ease 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can chat on the websites, call them on the phone, or email for assistance. If you are in America, definitely go for the chat option to avoid fees on your phone bill.


Now, while the price is nice, the company is based overseas, which increases shipping costs. Also, you need to deal with exchange rates. Furthermore, the company charges for adjustments as their base price is so low. Finally, they do not work with insurance, meaning you cannot save even more.

For more information check out our full in-depth Straight My Teeth review.

5. Aligner Co

alignerco clear aligner company review

Choose Aligner Co if you need to save money as they are affordable as a no-frills company ready to straighten your teeth from the comfort of your own home.


Aligner Co does not plan to make you broke to help straighten your teeth. They offer a bargain-basement price of just $1,000 (with discounts)! Mind you, you cannot use insurance to lower the price more, but you can use FSA or HSA to reduce your bottom dollar. The company offers a reasonable $90 a month plan for eleven months with no money down to make the price even more affordable.

Bad Credit? No Problem

Customers with bad credit can still straighten their teeth. If you cannot afford a thousand down, choose the company’s Flexible plan that costs more but works for those with less than ideal credit scores.


Retainers are a necessary evil with clear aligners, but it’s not so bad with Aligner Co. One set of retainers comes with your original purchase price. Also, order more and save more, making them just $49 for each seat, and they include a case too.

Customer Service

Contact customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week with Aligner Co. You can also contact them via email or chat if you don’t love talking on the phone. Find them on social media, too, for more options and quick service.

Military Discount

Aligner Co loves the military and proves their support with a $50 discount on already low prices. If you refer friends, you can save a little more money too.


Our only concern with Aligner Co and the reason they are at the bottom of our list is they only offer an expert team of dentists with no orthodontists. Dentists do not receive as much training in straightening teeth as it’s not their focus. For the best bet, you really need a company with dedicated orthodontists. Of course, this could be the reason for the lower cost.

Check out our full in-depth Alignerco review.

The Invisible Aligner Winner

Straighten your teeth from the comfort of your home with the best aligner company, Byte. With Byte, you get a higher price but a shorter time frame and a proprietary device you cannot get anywhere else. Not only do they offer the shortest timelines, but they also offer daytime or nighttime aligners and a lifetime guarantee. Their easy-to-use product comes with everything you need to get your perfect smile.

If you are on a budget, we suggest going with Straight My Smile as it’s more affordable, and it uses orthodontists in their team, unlike Aligner Co. All the companies above offer high-quality products with advantages, so you cannot really go wrong, it depends on your needs and wants.

What No Invisible Aligner Will Do

Before you buy, keep in mind clear aligners from home can only work for people with mild to moderate crookedness, a gap, overbites, crowding, or overlapping teeth. People with more severe cases may need to look into Invisalign or traditional braces. At some point, the technology may allow more options for severe issues, but we are not quite there yet.

Another point to consider is that neither braces, Invisalign’s, or clear aligners fix the root cause of crooked teeth or dental alignment issues. All these options will require retainers for the rest of your life to keep your teeth from returning to their crooked alignment. Dental experts are starting to figure out the root cause and created treatments to start with the underlying issues. If you want a more permanent solution, look into Myobraces and works with a dental expert who also uses a mouth or speech therapist who works with tongue placement and other issues.

FAQ’s About Invisible Aligner Companies

Which company is the more affordable?

Aligner Co offers the lowest price, but they do not use orthodontists on their team of experts. Also, if you have insurance, FSA, or HSA, you may get the other more expensive options cheaper with reimbursements. You are already paying for insurance; you might as well use it and take full advantage.

What company has the best ratings?

On Trust Pilot, Byte and Smile Direct Club clear 4.8 stars. However, on the Better Business Bureau, Byte gets 4.77 stars, and Smile Direct Club only gets 3.99 stars. Most review sights agree Byte offers the best service for straightening your teeth from home.

Is Invisalign a better option?

People with more severe alignment issues may find Invisalign can fix their teeth better than at-home companies. Also, if you want the in-office experience with dedicated care and team, you may do better with Invisalign. Insurance, FSA, and HSA can help to make Invisalign a more affordable option for your budget.

Final Thoughts on Invisible Aligners

Invisible aligners from home are a great way to quickly and affordably fix mild to moderate alignment issues. They are a great replacement for ugly, time-consuming, and painful braces or extremely expensive Invisalign’s. Take charge of your dental care without breaking the bank and save time during your busy day too.

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