Byte Clear Aligners: An Honest Review

Byte Aligner review

Byte offers customers a unique aligner service to straighten their teeth. What makes them stand out is they provide a lifetime guarantee. Even better still, they offer a product called the HyperByte that helps to speed along the straightening process. All this, and you get clear aligners that fit perfectly into your life to straighten your teeth for an affordable cost. Take a look at all the factors to see if Byte is the right option for you.

How It Works

The first step after making the decision to fix your teeth is to get an impression kit. Send it back in the mail and wait. Next, a team of orthodontist reviews your teeth with you and offers a customized 3D treatment plan. After you approve the plan and the orthodontist team says they can work with your teeth, they send you clearly marked aligners. Wear the aligners for the prescribed amount of time per day and the months, and watch your smile transform!

Getting Impressions

Before you can get aligners, Byte needs to know your teeth, and they do this by making impressions of your teeth with a plastic tray and putty. Make the impressions right from your home and send them back in the mail with a pre-paid shipping label. Next, wait to hear back from the company and find out if they can work with your teeth.

Unlike other aligner companies, Byte doesn’t make you take a mini-quiz to find out of they are fit for you; that’s real intentions include getting your email so they can spam your inbox. Nope, the company gets right down to the nitty-gritty with a low price impression kit. Mind you, the price can change at any time, but the current offer is $29.95, reduced from $95 to make sure you think you are getting a deal.

Inside the box, you get impression trays, molding putty, putty gloves, a smile stretcher, and a return shipping box. Not many companies toss gloves in the start kit. While it’s not a big deal, it’s a nice touch. Also, you get two sets of impression tray and putty in case your first batch doesn’t work. If for whatever reason, the company does not consider you a candidate, they will refund your small investment.

Unfortunately, the company does not offer an option to go into a shop to use the latest technology. You cannot use a 3D scan to get the clearest image of your teeth to coordinate or replace the impression with putty. However, this newest technology isn’t a necessity, but it’s a nice touch.


byte clear aligner

Waiting for the aligners takes several weeks as the company states it will take between 5 to 7 weeks to make the aligners and mail them out. The aligners themselves are clear plastic trays that slowly push your teeth into the correct position. Receive all of your aligners in a box and progress through the steps as prescribed by the orthodontic team.

After your teeth get used to the aligners, they will not cause any discomfort either. While the aligners do not contour to your teeth, they are cut straight across to give the best grip that you need for the gentle straightening process. Also, when cut across, it’s easier to get the aligners out to eat!

The aligners are made of transparent, BPA-free medical-grade polymer film. All the aligners are highly durable, high impact, and tear-resistant you will enjoy wearing as they disappear in your mouth. Remove them when you want to eat or wash your teeth. As they fully cover your teeth, you are less likely to get stains during the aligner process.

Furthermore, the company will monitor your progress weekly by asking you to send pictures of your teeth and letting you know when it’s time to move on to the next set of aligners. Keep your old aligner in case they are needed to help with adjustments. Use the Byte app to keep track of your progress and communicate with the company.

Finally, if you do not want to wear the aligners during the day, choose the night aligners called Byte at Night. While this will take a little longer, you don’t have to worry about a lisp or talking with the aligners in your mouth all day. Simply wear them when home alone and watch your smile improve.


Most people can fix their smile in about 2 to 5 months thanks to their unique product design. You need to wear the daytime aligners for 22 hours a day, so all day and night except when you are eating. For the nighttime aligners, you can anticipate the process will take between 5 to 6 months, but you only need to wear the aligners for 10 hours. Pop them in after dinner and leave them in until you wake up. Most other companies with night aligners expect a ten-month turnaround.


You get two options for retainers with Byte. First, you can buy a set of retainers for $129 each, and those last for six months. Simply wear them to bed and enjoy invisible retainers that fit and look like your aligners. You will need retainers for the rest of your life to keep your smile in place.

Second, you can purchase the Byte Protection Plan, which costs a lot ($649 to 779 depending on daytime or nighttime aligners) but includes five years of retainers. Overall, it ends up saving you half the money and acts as insurance if you lose an aligner or retainer. You would need to buy this protection plan every five years for the rest of your life, but it will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Adjustments & Guarantee

The absolute best feature of the Byte company is you get adjustments for life. Mind you, you need to follow the rules and wear the aligners and retainers, then you get a lifetime guarantee. No other company offers a lifetime guarantee!

If you ever need adjustments or additional treatments to keep your teeth straight, the company offers it at no additional cost. No need to worry about another investment if your teeth move out of alignment. Make sure to read all of the rules to ensure you stay within this guarantee, but don’t worry, as none of their requests are outside the realm of reasonable.

What’s Included

Inside the box, you get your HyperByte, your aligners that are clearly labeled, whitening gel, and a case. All of these products store in one box, ready to store under your bathroom sink. The first set of retainers comes with your kit too.


Let’s get down to the serious business. How much is this going to cost you? The daytime aligner plan costs $1,895. If you prefer monthly payments, then pay $83 a month with $349 down for a total of $2763 total. Yes, the monthly plan costs much more because of a 7.76 percent APR. Definitely pay full price if you can.

For the nighttime aligners, you can pay a one-time cost of $2,295 or $99 a month with $449 down. Total, the monthly plan will cost you $3,336, thanks to the 7.76 percent APR. Both monthly plans come with a 100 percent approval rate which is why they are so pricy.

Keep in mind, you will be paying more for the Byte Protection Plan later every five years of retainers or $129 every six months for new retainers. The only other cost is the impression kit that only costs you $29.95. Do note; all the prices can change at any time. You also have the option of using Affirm to create your own monthly plans that you can afford.

Lastly, both military and students can get discounts by contacting the company via email and requesting further information.


The Byte Team will coordinate with your insurance to find out if they will reimburse you for your purchase. While you will have to pay upfront, your insurance may pay back a portion directly to you. Some of the feature insurance partners include Anthem, Guardian, Empire, and Aetna. Insurance, when paired with FSA or HSA, may reduce the cost down to just $445 from your pocket!

Other Products

Aside from the aligners, you will get an advanced appliance called a HyperByte that straightens your teeth in less time than other companies. Basically, it’s high-frequency vibrations that help with discomfort and reduce the treatment time. This even helps the aligners to fit better around your teeth.

The chargeable device goes in for five minutes a day while the aligners are in your mouth. Turn it on and enjoy the strange sensation to help improve your tooth movement by up to a 64 percent progress increase. It’s an FDA-approved medical device (Class II), and it increases cellular activity. As it comes with your kit, this product does not cost more money.

As for other products like toothbrushes, sanitizers, or other items, you will need to buy these separately. However, the kit does include whitening gel and a case to store your retainer when it’s not in your mouth.

Customer Service

The Byte website has a chat option that’s simple to use on their website, with techs ready to answer your questions. Contact the company via phone, text, Facebook, or email. With no hours posted, you can contact the company at any time!

How Byte Compares to Traditional Braces

Traditional braces take time out of your life with monthly appointments to the orthodontist. Moreover, they cost at least twice the price of Byte aligners and are far more visible. Unless you point out your aligners to others, they won’t know they are in your mouth. With braces, the metal brackets are highly noticeable.

Additionally, the aligners only cause discomfort and a slight lisp for about a week. Braces require tightening on a regular basis that causes discomfort for years. Speaking of time frame, Byte takes a few months; then you move on to retainers you only wear a night while traditional braces take years.

Furthermore, clear aligners do not stain your teeth and can actually help to keep your teeth cleaner and stain-free. The same cannot be said for braces, as they make it difficult to floss and brush. Once you take those brackets off, you might find massively whiter squares than the surrounding part of the tooth.

Team of Experts

Dentist Dr. Marashi, who does cosmetic dentistry in Hollywood, created the system to straighten teeth with Byte. He works with another cosmetic dentist and a 3D scanning and orthodontic doctor. Their doctors have 12 years of expertise with invisible aligners. Add in a dental professional nationwide network of over 200 licensed dental professionals for a comprehensive teledentistry team ready to help improve your smile.
Furthermore, the team uses Smile science to move your teeth for the best structure.

Positive Results

Not only does the website proudly display multiple changed mouths with happy customers, but so does BBB and Trust Pilot. The Better Business Bureau sports 4.77 stars out of five with over 2,000 happy customers. Yes, there are a few unhappy customers, but the happiness far outweighs the negatives. Similarly, less than five percent of customers were not happy with Byte, according to Trust Pilot. The company took the time to respond to every customer showing how important customer service is to their business.


While only a few customers complained, the complaints include overselling the short timeline of 2 to 5 months and too much contact before you purchase. Do not give the company your email until you are ready to start the process. Also, it seems reasonable to add a couple of months to the timeframe as everyone’s mouth is different and may require more time to straighten the teeth. Some customers also had issues with customer service, but this is true for a small percentage of customers for every company.

Problems with Byte

The main issue with Byte is the higher price than other companies. However, you get more than other companies too. You get the app, the HyperByte, and a lifetime guarantee. Honestly, we do not have any issues with Byte for what it does, except for the retainers could definitely be more affordable as you need to use them for the rest of your life. Also, we would love if they offered a studio experience with a 3D scan to keep up with current technology and offer the most comprehensive care for their customers.

Fixing the Root Cause of Crooked Teeth

Like all invisible aligners, Byte’s product will straighten teeth, but then you need to wear retainers for the rest of your life. Because aligners only fix the surface issue instead of the root cause of dental alignment issues. To fix those issues, you will need to find a dentist or orthodontist that digs a little deeper. Try and find a doctor willing to work with products like Myobraces or a mouth/speech therapist who can help correct tongue issues and start younger if you are looking for a child.

FAQs About Byte

Can I use Byte aligners if I grind my teeth?

Yes, you can use these aligners if you grind or clench your teeth. What’s truly great about the aligners is they can even protect your teeth if you are a clencher or a grinder! In some cases, the aligners can address the cause of grinding as they straighten your teeth and stop the problem altogether. As miss-aligned teeth can often cause grinding, you may end up solving two problems with one treatment!

Will the aligners cause a lot of discomforts?

At first, you will definitely feel some discomfort as you have nerves in your teeth that are not accustomed to the pressure of an aligner. Overs the course of a day or two, you will get used to the aligner, and the mild pain should go away. Also, do not forget to use the HyperByte to help with the discomfort too.

Does Byte ship outside the USA?

No. Currently, you can only use Byte in the United States of America.

What is the minimum age for Byte Aligners?

Byte aligners work for individuals ages 12 and up who have all of their adult teeth. Teenagers will, of course, need their parent’s consent. Do not use any aligners before all adult teeth are in.

Can I use these aligners with wisdom teeth, implants, or missing teeth?

In all three circumstances, you may be able to use the aligners. You will need to send in an impression kit to know for sure which is fully refundable if you are not a candidate.

Final Thoughts About Byte

Byte is the invisible aligner company we would choose to fix our dental alignment issues. Not only do they manage to provide a unique product for an affordable price. They work with insurance too to reduce your financial burden. Find out what makes this clear aligner company stand out from the crowd and get the smile you have been dreaming of your entire life.

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