Candid Clear Aligners: An Honest Review

candid clear aligner review

Candid offers teeth straightening aligners you can use from the comfort of your own home. What makes this company stand out is they monitor your teeth more to ensure a happy and straight smile. Also, you get a direct connection with an orthodontist. While many companies relieve heavily on a dentist, orthodontists are the experts, though, which is why Candid leans on their expertise.

While other companies are more affordable, Candid provides expertise and cutting-edge remote care. Furthermore, you can save money compared to traditional braces and even Invisalign. Check out all the features to make an informed decision for your teeth to get the smile of your dreams.

How It Works

The first step to a perfect smile with Candid is a short quiz to find out if you are a candidate. First, pick the problem with your teeth from crowded, discolored, spaced, or protruding. Second, let the company know if you have had braces. Third, let them know if you have a permanent retainer.

Next, let the Candid know if you have dental insurance followed by your zip code. Now tell the company when you are to start the process and where you heard about their company. Finish with some personal questions like your age, name, and email. From there, the company tells you if you’re a fit and sends you to the starter kit purchase page.

Once you start the process, you send in the starter kit or go into the shop. If you go into the shop, you don’t even need an appointment as they allow for walk-ins. Get the aligners, wear the aligners, and straighten your teeth. Along the way, you will need to take pictures too. Let’s take a closer look at each step to find out if Candid is the right fit for you.
Getting Impressions

Before you can straighten your teeth, Candid needs to figure out the shape of your teeth, which they do with impressions of your teeth. Inside the starter kit box, you get three steps clearly lined out. Taking photos is a necessity, so the orthodontist team gets a full view of your teeth. Use the putty included to take the impressions with the included trays.

If you prefer, head into one of the Candid Studios to get help with your impressions. Find locations around the country in major cities in several states. California has the most options, though. Definitely head into a shop if you have one close by, as they offer a 3D scan of your teeth and no commitment. Also, this is the fastest way to get started with your treatment and does not require impressions.

From here, the doctors will set up your treatment plan and send you aligners, all in a clearly marked box.

If you are not a candidate, then the company will fully refund your money, and you still do not have to commit to buying. All this and no office visits unless you want the 3D scan!


candid teeth aligner

The aligners are the magic. The aligners show up in a box with steps, so you know exactly which aligner step is next. What’s unique about the Candid aligners is it comes with a device that opens your mouth and holds your phone, so you can take a picture of your mouth to send to the Candid team.

Along with all your aligners in a single box, you get a free starter kit and whitening foam. The aligners are clear plastic trays made just for your teeth to adjust them one step at a time. Candid uses premium thermoplastic for durable aligners. Also, the aligners are BPA and phthalate-free, along with stain-resistant. After the first few days, the aligners will be comfortable and feel like a second skin.

With these clear aligners, they are invisible unless you point them out to others. Wear them for 22 hours a day or only take them out when you are eating. Take them out to wash them too; otherwise, they become a part of your daily life. Every 10 to 14 days, you will do a virtual check-in to ensure your treatment is going as planned.


On average, you can expect to wear the retainers for six months. Of course, you will spend some time waiting for the aligners to be made after you send in your impressions. If you have any adjustments or refinements, then the process could take a little longer. The time frame differs for everyone as everyone has different teeth.

You really save time from not needing to go to in-office appointments. Visits to the orthodontist break up your day and take up significant chunks of your life. More importantly, braces take up years of your life while the aligners only take up a few months!

Keep in mind, if you are looking for night aligners, then Candid is not the company for you. As of right now, they do not offer a night version, but you can talk to the company to find out if you can wear these longer for shorter amounts of time.

Yes, as with all aligner systems, you will need retainers after your aligners for the rest of your life. However, the Candid retainers are a little different. They look like the aligners and fit comfortably for overnight use. The aligners straightened your teeth, and the retainers keep your pearly whites in their new positions. Furthermore, the aligners include a case and whitening foam too.

Keep in mind, the company does not offer any plans to receive retainers for a discount or auto-shipped. The retainers last for six months, and you will need to spend $99 every six months for the rest of your life.


If after you finish your treatment and you are not happy with your treatment, you can get refinements to adjust your original treatment plan. As you have a team of orthodontists monitoring your teeth with pictures as you go through your plan, they often catch early signs of alignment issues, reducing the need for adjustments.

Basically, refinements are additional aligners at the end of your plan. You need to request these adjustments within a month of completing your process if unsatisfied with your results. The company will not do aligners if you do not follower the aligner plan correctly. If your case is accepted, then you will get the new aligners for free and restart the process.

Candid accept HSA/FSA. However, they do not accept insurance, but your insurance may reimburse you for some of your aligner treatment. Check with your insurance company for coverage before starting, as not all companies will help to foot the bill. Candid will bill your insurance on the date of purchase, so make sure to check insurance first and not as an afterthought.

As for pricing, the system costs $2,400 for all-inclusive treatment. They also offer the option for a monthly payment plan where you can pay as little as $79 a month with $399 down in 3 years, and they have other options depending on your credit rating. With this plan, you pay about 444 dollars more for your treatment than if you were to pay upfront.

Also, the starter kit costs between $30 to $95, and the retainers are $99 every six months. While this is company definitely saves you money compared to Invisalign and traditional braces, they are one of the priciest online aligner companies. You are paying more for extra monitoring and for orthodontists instead of dentists.

Other Products

Currently, Candid only offers their starter kit, aligner system, and retainers. Some companies, Smile Direct, offer a line of electric toothbrushes and sanitizing equipment. All these can be purchased elsewhere and probably for lower prices too.

Customer Service

Candid calls their customer service Care Specialists, and they are available every day of the week between 9 am and 7 pm EST. They also offer chat support, but it’s a bot that sends you to answers for your questions via articles. If you check on Better Business Bureau, you will find low stars and bad reviews mostly because of the lack of helpful customer service. While many customers are very satisfied, customer service does not appear to be Candid’s star area. However, the results are much higher on, with some bad reviews but overwhelmingly high reviews. If you do need to call, ask for Emma as she seems to be the best representative available.


Candid does not offer a money-back guarantee; however, they do want you to be happy with the finished product. They offer refinements to help you get the alignment you want. Most aligner companies do not offer a full or partial refund as it’s standard to offer adjustments instead.

Positive Results

The results tab on the website shows quite a few people with positive improvements in the alignment of the teeth proving their product works. Further, the company offers reviews showing 4.8 stars. Yes, a few unhappy customers do show up on the page, but the number is minimal in comparison to the positive reviews.

How Candid Compares to Traditional Braces

Candid differs completely from traditional braces. The aligners are clear and come out for eating and cleaning, whereas traditional braces are metal brackets attached to your teeth. No need to worry about staining with clear liners that go over your teeth instead of on your teeth. Also, the price is far nicer with aligners than with braces without the need for regular time-consuming dental appointments.

Problems with Candid

Besides subpar customer service, the company’s prices are higher than other companies with similar services. What you get does not seem to equal the higher price, although you do get a full team of orthodontists. Also, they do not offer a retainer auto-shipment plan, which would make your life a little easier.

Fixing the Root Cause of Crooked Teeth

No aligner system or braces will get to the root cause of crooked teeth. Clear aligners straighten teeth but require retainers for the rest of your life to keep the teeth straight. Many issues can cause crooked teeth from genetics, tongue movement, and more.

So far, only Myobrace’s attempt to find the root cause of alignment issues to prevent teeth from going back to their original shape. Many dentists or orthodontists are now seeking to work with speech or mouth therapists to locate the root cause of a person’s dental issues to improve correction treatments. Candid does not attempt in any way to find the problem but only to treat the symptoms, but this is true of all clear aligner systems and braces too.


Teenagers can use Candid aligners too. Wait until your teenager has all of their adult teeth in completely before starting the process. The main difference is teenagers require x-rays to ensure the teeth are fully in place before starting the aligners. Also, teenagers need to check in every ten days. This is necessary so the orthodontist can tell you when to switch to the next aligner. Finally, teenagers get two free retainers.

FAQs About Candid

Is it possible to only get aligners for the top or bottom of my teeth instead of both?

No, the system only works for both. When you sign up, you will be getting aligners for both your top and bottom teeth. At some point, we would love to see the company offer just the top or bottom aligners for those who do not need both.

Am I going to lisp when I have the aligners in my mouth?

Yes, as your mouth will not be used to the aligners, you will need to give yourself a grace period where you will sound funny. Over the course of the first week, you will adjust to the aligners and should go back to sounding normal.

Does Candid offer a nighttime aligner?

No, at the moment, the company does not offer nighttime aligners and only offers the set that needs to be worn for 22 hours per day. If you do not wear the aligners for the prescribed time, the company may not be willing to make adjustments later, and the treatment time will take longer.

Can I wear the aligners while playing sports?

Yes, you can exercise with the aligners. Live your life in the aligners and actually can protect your mouth. From scuba diving to football and any other activity, keep the aligners in your mouth. If trying something extra-ordinary, contact the company first to find out if it’s off-limits, but you can literally jump out of an airplane with the aligners in your mouth without issue. Maybe stay out of space, though.

I still have my wisdom teeth or a missing tooth, can I get the aligners?

The company does not mention wisdom teeth or missing teeth. Both will need to be assessed by a person when taking the digital scan or impression of your mouth. The process is the same for teenagers as for adults. However, they will have to wear retainers longer as they are younger.

How do I wash the aligners and retainers?

Keep the aligners and retainers in the case when eating so you don’t lose them! Rinse them under cool or warm water when you take them out of your mouth. You only need to remove the saliva. The company does not recommend sanitizing the aligners but only prevent them from becoming discolored.

Does Candid tell me what my teeth will look like after treatment?

Yes, you will get a 3D model of what your teeth will look like after treatment. If you are not happy with the model, you can work with the company or choose a different treatment option.

Do adults get free retainers with their kit?

No, but your last set of aligners will be your first retainers. After, you will have to purchase a new set every six months.

Will the aligners hurt my mouth?

At first, the aligners will be uncomfortable and may feel tight as they shift your teeth. Over time your mouth will get used to the aligners, and you should experience less discomfort.

Can I keep the aligners on while eating or drinking?

Yes, you can keep the aligners in when eating or drinking. Do take the aligners out for extremely hot drinks first or wait for the drinks to cool down before drinking with (or without!) the aligners in your mouth.

Final Thoughts About Candid

Candid offers a fantastic service that is affordable compared to Invisalign and traditional braces. However, they are one of the most expensive companies based online as they only use orthodontists as their experts. If you can afford the company, they will definitely straighten your teeth, but they offer no-frills beyond whitening foam and 3D scans if you go in the shop. The only real complaint about Candid is inconsistent customer service and shorter customer service hours.

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